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HDFC Capital Advisors: Corporate Internship Project

Embark on an 8-week Experiential Learning Project Tackling a Fortune 500 real-world business problem, guided by a Harvard undergraduate mentor to craft live solutions that address the impact of Green Finance for residential real estate funds.


Grades 8th-12th


8 Weeks

Early Application Date

1 May, 2024

[Regular Date: 06 May, 2024]

Program Fee for Early Applicants

USD 850

[Regular Fee: USD 1200]

Application deadline

6 May, 2024

Program Delivery

Zoom Led

About The Corporate Internship Project

Delivered by Learn With Leaders in collaboration with HDFC Capital Advisors and Harvard Student Mentors, this prestigious Corporate Internship Project offers participants an internship opportunity with a Fortune 500 company in the field of Green Finance. Through this intensive Zoom-led 8-week Experiential Learning Internship Project, students will tackle a real world solution for a Fortune 500 corporate setting under the guidance of a Harvard Student mentor, providing world-class career preparation, aligning participants with industry practices and offering insights into navigating the corporate world effectively.

About HDFC Capital Advisors

HDFC Capital Advisors Limited (HCAL), a real estate private equity investment manager, recognizes that housing plays a significant role in determining the economic and social wellbeing of an individual. HCAL seeks to address the supply gap in affordable housing in India through partnerships and technology interventions that create an ecosystem for responsible investing that delivers a positive social and environmental impact.

About the Experiential Learning Project

Focused on enhancing companies in the residential real estate market, the Corporate Internship Project involves engaging with a diverse global cohort, collaborating with corporate leaders, and leveraging an Ivy League Student Mentor. Participants craft practical solutions addressing the impact and relevance of Green Finance for residential real estate funds, culminating in a presentation and research paper that unravel the evolution's potential across regions and its benefits for real estate funds.

What You’ll Learn

Key Benefits for Students


Deliver a high-quality project Harvard-style! Receive personalized guidance, and move beyond traditional classroom environment.

Experiential Learning

Dive into a Fortune 500 corporate environment, and engage in hands-on research on Green Bonds' impact on real estate markets.

Real-world application

Gain hands-on experience in a critical area of finance, bridging the gap between theory and practice, and develop a proactive and analytical approach to address real-world complex issues.

Skill Development

Sharpen analytical abilities, and hone critical thinking skills, important for success in the dynamic and competitive landscape of the corporate world and finance industry.

Portfolio Development

Build a standout portfolio showcasing practical skills developed during the internship, distinguishing yourself in the competitive finance landscape.

Kickstart your Global Network

Network with industry leaders and Harvard Student Mentors, fostering mentorships and establishing a professional foundation for future opportunities.

Awards & Recognitions

Showcase your achievements to the world

Letter of Participation

Letter of Participation from HDFC Capital Advisors, Harvard Student Mentors and Learn with Leaders, enhancing credibility and recognition in the academic realm.

LwL Social Media Feature

Chance to be featured on Learn with Leaders’ Social Media platforms, amplifying your professional presence and networking opportunities.

Portfolio Enhancement

Enhance your resume and student portfolio with certificates, actionable projects and a research paper.

Comprehensive Learning Package

Complimentary access to all Learn with Leaders Masterclasses covering diverse topics, fostering continuous growth and professional development.



Project Milestones and Mentoring Sessions (Time are in EST Time Zone)


May 11, 2024 -Saturday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Induction to the Launch of the Internship Program

+ Introduction to the Orientation Program

+ Introduction to the Mentors

+ Introduction to HDFC Capital Advisors

+ Team and Internship Project Release

+ Ice-Breakers

+ Networking Session with global interns

+ Notes to read for Students


May 18, 2024 -Saturday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 1: Introduction to Green Finance and Green Bonds

1. What is Green Finance and how has it evolved?

2. Green Bonds and types

3. What are Green Bond Principles, Social Bond Principles, Sustainability Bond Guidelines and Sustainability Linked Bond Principles?

4. What is the International Capital Market Association (ICMA)?

5. Global scenario for the acceptance of Green Bonds

Asia-Pacific region



May 25, 2024 -Saturday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 2: Understanding the Purpose

Impact of climate change on the real estate industry requires instruments such as Green Bonds that advocate sustainable development.

1. Current state of climate risks

2. Effects of climate risks on the real estate industry


June 1, 2024 -Saturday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 3: Benefits of Green Bonds

Deep dive on benefits of Green Bonds over Non-Green Bonds (return and risk perspective)

1. General benefits

2. Risks of issuing Green Bonds


June 8, 2024 -Saturday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 4: Policies and Incentives

1. The global scenario – policy incentives offered by governments where the marked has evolved

2. Policies in India and a comparison with the global scenario


June 15, 2024 -Saturday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 5: The Ecosystem

To list names of global green bond issuers and investors

1. Real estate green bonds issuers across the world

2. Green Bond investors


June 22, 2024 -Saturday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 6: Case Studies

Examples of real estate fund (preferably residential focused) that have raised Green Bonds, and how have they benefited


June 29, 2024 -Saturday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 7: What is in it for HDFC Capital Advisors (real estate residential fund)?

Final Presentations to Corporate Leaders

The outcome of the project will be a PowerPoint presentation and/or a research paper consisting of 1500–2000 words that will conclude on the impact/relevance of Green Finance for a residential real estate fund (like HDFC Capital Advisors).

The outcome will focus on two areas:

1. What regulatory changes are required in the Indian Green Bond market for it to flourish like some of the other successful markets?

2. What specific benefits will accrue to HDFC Capital Advisors if they focus on Green Bonds in the current scenario and in a scenario where regulation becomes more favourable?


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