Ethan Taotafa

Student, Harvard University

Computer Science and Philosophy

Ethan is a Junior from San Diego, California. He studies Computer Science and Philosophy and is interested in pursuing business after Harvard. An avid outdoorsman and Eagle Scout, Ethan enjoys backpacking, hammocking, and camping. He is a member of Harvard’s Men’s Rugby Team and enjoys the camaraderie of team sports. Ethan recently returned from a 2 year mission trip in Vietnam. There, he participated in community outreach programs and service projects that were aimed at improving the daily lifestyle of those in the community. Ethan hopes to be a mentor to younger students and to help influence others to make a change in their communities. He believes that developing leadership skills early and often is the key to positively affecting the political landscape in the world moving forward. A self-proclaimed “”foodie””, Ethan enjoys trying out unknown local eateries. He believes that the best forms of communication are those in which good food is involved.