About us

Learn with Leaders is a global education initiative inspiring teenagers to change the way they think so that they can make more fulfilling career and life decisions.

Our programs and competitions spanning entrepreneurship, design thinking, leadership, artful thinking, sustainability, MUNs, and finance primarily fill the gap that our traditional education system cannot address.

Across our programs, we try to maintain a commonality of students getting to learn new skills, group project work, and international participation.

We, Learn with Leaders, are the partner platform of the student clubs and student organizations amplifying the remarkable autonomy and responsibility shouldered by these driven clubs and organizations, promoting the significance and effectiveness of these impactful programs.

Taking The Room Out Of The Classroom

  • We focus on ideas and narratives that don’t get sufficient space and time in the school curriculum.
  • We help young learners connect with leading thinkers, pioneering practitioners, and global leaders who lie outside the circle and reach students.
  • We bring students closer to acclaimed academic and corporate institutions featured in media headlines and social stories.

Why LWL?

The potential to learn for a middle and high school student is limitless –

Face to Face

Bring high schoolers
face-to-face with
life-altering phenomena,
personalities, and experiences

Break Limits

Break down the unfair ‘limits’ of
man-made barriers

Powerful Networks

Help students build
powerful networks with
global entities and enrich
bonds with like-minded peers
from around the world

Young Mind

Expose the young mind to a
richer palette of possibilities

Citizen Leaders

Initiate a journey aimed to
build holistic ‘Citizen Leaders’
of tomorrow who are both globally
prepared and locally sensitized


Bring the next generation
closer to opportunities that
their parents and seniors lacked

Our Vision

We aim to inspire the next generation to become changemakers and problem-solvers by providing them with the required skillsets and thinking abilities. We aspire to change the lives of every high school student across the world.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to effect a paradigm shift in education and introduce an updated and need-of-the-hour curriculum to teenagers, allowing them to explore their interests, maximize their potential, and rise as future leaders.

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