3 Ways to Create a Mental Action Plan – By Akshada Dake

  1. Don’t fall into the clutches of procrastination, use your google calendar. Schedule your assignments by their due dates and priorities. Don’t be generic, be specific. Make sure to add descriptions to your tasks and add the following: due date, task descriptor, and the time needed, take note of extracurriculars that affect completion. When you do this long enough, you’ll be able to identify these qualities without having to write them down.
  2. Organize your information. If it’s a writing task or requires research, keep your sources in a document. Organization is key. Organized information can be less overwhelming and eliminates procrastination.
  3. Make a productivity chart. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in terms of self-management. For 2 weeks, not during exam clutch time, observe yourself and the general pattern of your overall productivity and take notes on a spreadsheet. It helps generate a schedule taking into account your procrastination, motivation, and possible uncertainties. It doesn’t have to be detailed, take a look at my first motivation chart.