Expanding Horizons & Breaking Stereotypes: My Journey through the Public Speaking Masterclass by Hala Osman

Hala Munira Osman,
Grade 10,


Expressing my ideas has always been a challenge for me. When I stand in front of a group or a class, my words often escape me, leaving me stumbling and unsure. However, those moments of uncertainty are now a thing of the past. My perspective shifted after participating in the Public Speaking Masterclass by Learn with Leaders. This experience not only helped me realize that I wasn’t alone in my struggles but also equipped me with the tools to overcome them.


During the masterclass, I hung onto every word the speaker shared, eagerly applying her insights to my own experiences. I marveled at her unwavering confidence as she addressed us, her words flowing effortlessly. Comparing her poise to my own tendencies, I couldn’t help but acknowledge the room for improvement in my own public speaking skills.


The masterclass proved to be a treasure trove of knowledge, offering a wealth of practical tips that I intend to integrate into my future presentations. The speaker explored various types of public speaking, including persuasive and ceremonial styles, emphasizing the importance of tailoring each approach to suit the audience. This concept resonated with me, highlighting the significance of capturing and maintaining the audience’s attention. Beyond the speaker’s insights, I found myself drawn to the global online audience. Witnessing the diversity and inclusivity of the participants was captivating. Interacting with peers my age from around the world, all striving to enhance their communication skills, was truly inspiring.


As a young person exposed to a myriad of cultures and languages, I am now more determined than ever to speak confidently about my beliefs and challenge prevailing stereotypes, particularly those perpetuated by the media. This masterclass opened my eyes to the power of effective communication. It provided me with the tools to discern different speech styles, select the most suitable one for a given situation, and connect with diverse audiences.


In conclusion, my journey through the Public Speaking Masterclass was transformative. I emerged with newfound confidence and a heightened sense of purpose. Armed with a deeper understanding of communication dynamics, I am eager to embark on a path where my words can foster understanding, break barriers, and effect positive change.