My Leadership Journey: Riddhi Javali, Grade 12, Bengaluru, India

The Scholars in Communication Program played a significant role in enhancing my communication skills and boosting my confidence. These skills proved to be invaluable in my journey of establishing a non-profit organization, Project Repeat.


As the founder of Project Repeat, my passion for helping others led me to start this initiative. The government’s decision to halt the provision of free sanitary napkins to schoolgirls during the pandemic prompted me to take action. I recognized that poor menstrual hygiene is a severe problem, particularly for schoolgirls in rural areas. It is also a significant factor contributing to adolescent girls dropping out of school.


My non-profit organization aims to provide free sustainable and eco-friendly menstrual hygiene options to government school girls in India. We offer reusable cloth pads that are safe for 

the body and the environment and can be used for up to 5 years. Although this may seem like a simple idea, executing it was not easy. I had to reach out to government officials and talk to students who consider menstruation to be a taboo topic.

Menstrual hygiene carries a stigma in our society, but my family’s open-mindedness inspired and aided me in starting this organization. Initially, girls in rural areas were hesitant to discuss menstrual hygiene, but as they began to open up, I could talk to them and create awareness about sustainable menstruation and menstruation in general.


As part of Project Repeat, I visit government schools in Karnataka to provide free reusable cloth pad kits and educate girls about sustainable menstruation. To date, I have visited ten schools and distributed kits to about 400 girls. Initially, I used my own money to purchase the cloth pad kits, but I began receiving funds from friends and family as the initiative gained momentum.

In conclusion, through my experience with Project Repeat, I have learned that small actions can lead to significant changes. With the help of communication skills and confidence gained from the Scholars in Communication Program, I was able to make a difference in the lives of girls in rural areas and address a critical problem that is often overlooked.