Students from Nagoya International School participating in the Take the World Forward Fellowship

Every Saturday four NIS students stay up late in the evening to take in talks by thought leaders from major global companies and some of the world’s top universities. They are talking about some of the challenging issues faced by global citizens today and how these young students can become the vital leaders of tomorrow. The students also have opportunities to form small group discussions to collaborate on some of these challenging issues and exchange ideas with students, just like them, from over 35 countries. This is all a part of the “Take the World Forward Fellowship by Harvard Model Congress San Francisco and Harvard Student Agencies, which they were selected to participate in several weeks ago. Since the program runs for 6 months (until summer break!), we took the opportunity to get their impressions so far. From practical matters like helping them to do well on the IB English IO (Individual Oral) to helping to craft their leadership skills and expanding their thought processes and ideas, the students have reported that they are getting a great deal out of the experience. We are proud of these four students who took the initiative to participate in such a life-changing program and look forward to hearing their overall experience later in the semester. Click here to see the original article