The Wolves of Wall Street: Lo-Ellen students win 1st place in stock market competition

Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School students Harley French and Jacob Bolton garnered first place in the Harvard Student Agencies’ Wolves of Wall Street Challenge – the world’s first global stock market competition for youth.

This experiential learning opportunity was made possible through the school’s new Specialist High Skills Major in Business – to which both students are enrolled.

Participants in the 12-week intense investment contest signed up individually or in teams and were paired with peers from Brazil, Britain, Canada, China or the United States.

Lo-Ellen Park teammates Harley and Jacob (who are in Grade 11 and Grade 12, respectively) — along with Alan Fang, a sophomore from North Carolina – started with a $100,000 hypothetical investment.

They were tasked to develop an intelligent portfolio, trade strategically, and rise to the top of the investor leaderboard using metrics and simulation.

Team members spent an hour on Zoom on Saturday mornings to learn investment tactics and theories with student mentors from Harvard Student Agencies.

Additional strategies were reviewed with Lo-Ellen Park Business teacher Paul Hatzis.

Based on their final presentation, which focused on diversification, stability over risk, and long-term growth strategies, the students were awarded the grand prize of $500 US.

“Trading is so complex,” says teacher Paul Hatzis. “Challenges like the Wolves of Wall Street are a fun way for students to learn how to protect profits and minimize loss.

“I am proud of both students for their diligence and dedication. It was a rewarding experience for everyone.” Click here to see the original article