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Future Doctors’ Level 1 Program

Use the power of medicine to positively impact human lives.


Grades 8th -12th


2 Weekends

Early Application Date

15 November, 2024

[Regular Date: 30 Nov, 2024]

Program Fee for Early Applicants

USD 300

[Regular Fee: USD 400]

Application deadline

30 November, 2024

Program Delivery

Zoom Led

Future Doctors' Program seeks to introduce students to the fundamentals of pre-medical studies. The program covers various topics, including content modules on genetic inheritance, hormones, immunology, and organic chemistry. It also explores case studies on various diseases, poses medical ethics questions, and offers an opportunity to dissect scientific papers. The program aims to prepare students for a career in medicine by providing an overview of the MCAT process, as well as the chance to hear first-hand about the process from qualified student mentors.

Become a warrior

Frontline Medical Warrior

The program provides an extensive overview of pre-med and encourages students to think critically and quickly. Each day begins with an in-depth lecture covering an essential aspect of the medical field ranging from genetics to organic chemistry.

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Students then engage in hands-on activities created to orient them to the realities of working in medicine. The program guides students through topics and higher-order thinking skills necessary to succeed in the medical field.

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Selection Process

Apply, Interact, and join the program.

We are looking for a cohort group of students from across the world. Interested high school students should submit an application. Shortlisted students will be going through an interview round before selection.

What You’ll Gain

Learn How To Provide Medical Care And Save Lives.

Introduction to Pre-Medical

Delve into the pre-medical field with an introduction to Genetic Inheritance, Hormones, Immunology, Organic Chemistry, and more.

Skill Building

Acquire higher-order thinking skills necessary to succeed in the medical field

Real-World Practices

Get oriented to the realities of medical practices. Participate in medicine & ethics discussions. Understand the medical field through case studies.

Expert Mentors

Receive guidance from qualified student mentors.

Medical School Information

Gain insights on navigating the path to medical school, learn about the MCAT, and hear first-hand about the process from qualified student mentors.

Ask Questions

Get answers to all your medical school-related questions.

Awards & Recognitions

Showcase your achievements to the world


Certificate of Participation provided to all participants.


Access to all LWL webinar/masterclass.

LwL Social Media Feature

Get a chance to be featured on Learn with Leaders’ Social Media platforms.

Portfolio Enhancement

Enhance your portfolio with certificates and projects.


Enjoy sessions for 2 weekends starting 7th December 2024


December 7, 2024 -Saturday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

1. Introductions & Icebreakers

2. Program Overview & Final Project Introduction

3. Module: Genetics

4. Genetics Interactive Activity

5. Group Work Time: Disease Preferences


December 8, 2024 -Sunday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

1. Module: Immunology

2. CRISPR Case Study

3. Final Project Group Work

4. How to be Pre-Med + Q&A


December 14, 2024 -Saturday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

1. Introduction to Organic Chemistry

2. ORGO Module 1: Hydrocarbons & Alkanes

3. ORGO Module 2: Alkyl Side Groups & Naming

4. ORGO Module 3: Other Side Groups

5. Final Practice & Wrap Up


December 15, 2024 -Sunday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

1. Presentations

2. Harvard Q&A

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