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Future Doctors’ Level 2 Program

Get an immersive, hands-on experience of the world of medicine.


Grades 8th -12th


2 Weekends

Early Application Date

30 June, 2024

[Regular Date: 02 Jul, 2024]

Program Fee for Early Applicants

USD 300

[Regular Fee: USD 400]

Application deadline

2 July, 2024

Program Delivery

Zoom Led

The Advanced Doctors Program relies on prior knowledge from The Future Doctors (Level I) program to give students the tools to fill the shoes of an emergency room doctor or a triage nurse in patient care. Students will learn about human physiology, the pathologies that affect it, and the tools needed to diagnose and treat those pathologies.

Students receive a fully immersive experience in the world of medicine through an advanced curriculum curated by a team of qualified student mentors. They will examine real-life case studies and analyze the implications of the decisions made as well as alternatives.

Apply Now

Selection Process

Apply, Interact, and join the program.

We are looking for a cohort group of students from across the world. Interested high school students should submit an application. Shortlisted students will be going through an interview round before selection.

What You’ll Gain

Challenge Yourself To Think Quickly And Decisively To Treat Patients

Immersive Experience

Get an immersive look into the pre-medical field. Learn about heart & coronary artery diseases, lungs, muscles & ALS, radiological scans, etc.

Thinking Abilities

Acquire higher-order thinking skills necessary to succeed in the medical field.

Case Studies

Analyze real-life case studies to learn how to diagnose and treat patients.

Real-World Picture

Get oriented to the realities of working in medicine.

Expert Mentors

Receive guidance from qualified student mentors.

Medical School Insights

Gain insights on navigating the path to medical school and hear first-hand about the process from qualified student mentors.

Awards & Recognitions

Showcase your achievements to the world


Certificate of Participation provided to all participants.

Webinars/ Masterclass

Access to all LWL webinar/masterclass.

LwL Social Media Feature

Get a chance to be featured on Learn with Leaders’ Social Media platforms.

Portfolio Enhancement

Enhance your portfolio with certificates and projects.


Enjoy sessions for 2 weekends starting on 6th July 2024


July 6, 2024 -Saturday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

1. Introduction & Icebreakers

2. Heart and Coronary Artery Disease Lecture

3. Lung Lecture

4. Activity in Small Groups

5. Muscles & ALS Lecture

6. Radiological Scans Examination & Discussion


July 7, 2024 -Sunday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

1. Renal Failure & ESRD Lecture

2. Digestive System & Reports

3. Skin & Basal Cell Carcinoma Lecture

4. Blood Testing Activity


July 13, 2024 -Saturday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

1. Brain Lecture

2. Endocrine System

3. Associated Diseases & SOAP Note Format

4. Final Project Preparation


July 14, 2024 -Sunday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

1. Case Study Walkthrough

2. Present Final Projects

3. Harvard Q&A

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