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World Debate Stars with the Harvard MUN Team (ICMUN)

A Unique and Intensive 2-Weekend Program on developing fundamental skills in argumentation and persuasion in personal and academic life.


Grades 6th-12th


2 Weekends

Early Application Date

10 August, 2024

[Regular Date: 31 Aug, 2024]

Program Fee for Early Applicants

USD 300

[Regular Fee: USD 400]

Application deadline

31 August, 2024

Program Delivery

Zoom Led

World Debate Stars with the Harvard MUN Team is a course spread over two weekends and is led by qualified Student Mentors who have gained valuable experience debating through their involvement competing on the collegiate MUN circuit.

This course aims to prepare students in the art of argumentation and persuasion that will be widely transferable in a variety of other settings. From writing essays for an academic assignment to persuading friends where to go for lunch, making claims and supporting them with evidence, is critical to so much of what we do as humans. Students will emerge from this program as stronger thinkers and debaters.

minds from across the world - will identify,
brainstorm, and solve some of the biggest challenges of today and tomorrow under the watchful guidance of illustrious IVY league mentors.

As their inner leader emerges, the once-in-a-lifetime
experience will change the way they interpret the future, andtheir ability to influence it.

What You’ll Gain

Learn the art of eloquent debating

Skill Development

Gain insights about making persuasive arguments and how to become stronger debaters.


Receive detailed feedback from your student mentors on arguments on presentation demonstrations.

Experiential Learning

Acquire knowledge of different perspectives and approaches to constructing arguments.

Enhance Communication

Practice your communication skills to effectively convey your point of view.

Critical Thinking & Confidence

Develop and sharpen critical thinking skills through engaging in debates and expressing.

Build Your Global Network

Forge value-rich networks with the mentors and global 'thought pioneers' who share your passion for answers.

Awards & Recognitions

Showcase your achievements to the world


Certificate of Participation provided to all participants.


Access to all LWL webinar/masterclass.

LwL Social Media Feature

Get a chance to be featured on Learn with Leaders’ Social Media platforms.

Portfolio Enhancement

Enhance your portfolio with certificates and projects.


Time are in EST time zone


September 14, 2024 -Saturday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

Theme: The Fundamentals of Argumentation

Students will attend a webinar on creating convincing arguments, focusing on rhetorical strategies and selection of evidence for arguments.

Topic 1: Rhetorical Strategies in Debate

Topic 2: The Keystone of an Argument: Evidence


September 15, 2024 -Sunday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

Students will attend a webinar on counterarguments, focusing on anticipating what others might say and effective methods of rebuttal.

Topic 1: Planning for Your Opponent’s Argument

Topic 2: Refute and Rebut: The Core of a Counterargument


September 21, 2024 -Saturday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

Theme: Thinking on Your Feet

Students will attend a webinar on necessary debate skills, focusing on public speaking in debate and ways to capture attention in an argument.

Topic 1: Being a Successful Orator in Debate

Topic 2: All Eyes on Me: Standing Out in an Argument


September 22, 2024 -Sunday


9:00 am - 12:00 pm-EST

1 - Students will attend a session on coming up with arguments on the spot, focusing on general frameworks for building an argument and strategies for avoiding getting flustered in a debate.

2 - Mock Debate

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