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Greenvan (Amazon of services, Start-Up in London): Corporate Internship Project


Grades 8th-12th


8 Weeks

Early Application Date

31 July, 2024

[Regular Date: 20 Aug, 2024]

Program Fee for Early Applicants

USD 850

[Regular Fee: USD 1200]

Application deadline

20 August, 2024

Program Delivery

Zoom Led

About The Corporate Internship Project

Delivered by Learn With Leaders in collaboration with Greenvan and Harvard Undergraduates, this esteemed Corporate Internship Project provides participants with an internship opportunity at an AI-driven London-based company. The company serves as a comprehensive hub for home services delivered within a sustainable eco-system. Through this intensive Zoom-led 8-week Experiential Learning Internship Project, students will be required to develop a current situation analysis about the state of services Greenvan provides, focusing particularly on how Greenvan solves problems in the present model. They will work on a business model, under the guidance of a Harvard Student mentor, providing world-class career preparation, aligning participants with industry practices and offering insights into navigating the corpor2ate world effectively.

About Greenvan

Greenvan, a London-based company, provides verified tradesmen to its customers at low prices, with quality assurances through an AI-driven technology and eco-friendly systems. The platform covers essential services such as movers, electricians, plumbers, gardeners, and cleaning services. Its business model is a unique blend of technology in the front end and back end, sustainability, and formalization of services.

About the Experiential Learning Project

Focused on enhancing companies in the online service providing industry, the Corporate Internship Project involves engaging with a diverse global cohort, collaborating with corporate leaders, and leveraging an Ivy League Student Mentor. Participants will need to present their views on whether and to what extent Greenvan’s business model will be a success. The outcome of the project will be a PowerPoint presentation and/or a research paper consisting of 1500–2000 words that will conclude on the impact, relevance, and growth opportunities for Greenvan.

What You’ll Learn

Key Benefits for Students


Deliver a high-quality project Harvard-style! Receive personalized guidance, and move beyond traditional classroom environment.

Experiential Learning

Acquire practical insights into the intricacies of an AI-driven online service industry with Greenvan.

Real-world application

Develop a proactive and analytical approach to tackle real-world challenges specific to sustainable home services.

Skill Development

Sharpen analytical abilities, and hone critical thinking skills, important for success in the dynamic and competitive landscape of the corporate world and home services industry.

Portfolio Development

Build a standout portfolio showcasing practical skills developed during the internship, distinguishing yourself in the competitive finance landscape.

Kickstart your Global Network

Network with industry leaders and Harvard Student Mentors, fostering mentorships and establishing a professional foundation for future opportunities.

Awards & Recognitions

Showcase your achievements to the world

Letter of Participation

Letter from Greenvan, Harvard Undergraduates and Learn with Leaders, enhancing credibility and recognition in the academic realm.

LwL Social Media Feature

Chance to be featured on Learn with Leaders’ Social Media platforms, amplifying your professional presence and networking opportunities.

Portfolio Enhancement

Enhance your resume and student portfolio with certificates, actionable projects and a research paper.

Comprehensive Learning Package

Complimentary access to all Learn with Leaders Masterclasses covering diverse topics, fostering continuous growth and professional development.



Project Milestones and Mentoring Sessions (Time are in EST Time Zone)


September 8, 2024 -Sunday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 1: Introduction

1. What is the existing scenario for tradesman services in most countries?

2. What services does Greenvan provide?

3. What is unique about Greenvan?


September 15, 2024 -Sunday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 2: Purpose

1. What is your understanding of Greenvan’s mission and vision?

2. How does Greenvan’s business model change the status quo?

3. What are the alternatives to Greenvan and what are their disadvantages?

4. Which existing platforms are comparable to Greenvan and how?


September 22, 2024 -Sunday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 3: Benefits of Greenvan’s model

1. What are the gains for consumers?

2. What are the gains for tradesmen?

3. What are the gains for the economy and government?

4. What steps has Greenvan taken to benefit society and why do these matter?


September 29, 2024 -Sunday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 4: Role of Technology

1. How has Greenvan used technology to revolutionise an unorganised activity?

2. What are the implications for all stakeholders?

3. What challenges arise from integrating technology into such a service?

4. Who will lose out from such technology platforms and how?

5. How can technology be used to scale the business further?


October 6, 2024 -Sunday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 5: Economics of the model and evolution

1. Does this model end up lowering cost for everyone involved?

2. How does Greenvan make money and at whose cost?

3. How do you see the model evolving as it scales?


October 13, 2024 -Sunday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Milestone 6: Recommendations for Greenvan

1. How can Greenvan scale efficiently without spending on marketing? Focus on one city for specific recommendations (for example, London, Edinburg, Birmingham)

2. What are some community engagement initiatives that can help popularise Greenvan’s services?

3. How can Greenvan onboard (a) movers, (b) plumbers and (c) electricians without additional marketing costs?


October 20, 2024 -Sunday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Project Presentations and Discussions

End Deliverable

The outcome of the internship will be a project presentation that will conclude with a focus on Milestone 6.

The outcome will focus on three areas:

1. What are the shortcomings of existing models?

2. What specific benefits technology brings to the table?

3. How can Greenvan scale effectively without spending on marketing?


October 27, 2024 -Sunday


10:00 am - 11:00 am-ET

Feedback and Q-A on Project Presentation


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